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Promote your business through our customer loyalty
and members benefits program

Targeted Marketing

We provide many opportunities to promote your business and the sales of your e-Cards.

The e-cards are featured on all of our sites in prime location.

We also do EDM marketing around special occasions such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentines Day, Christmas, Easter, Australia Day, AFL and NRL Grand Finals.

Click here to view and example of the Mother’s Day e-catalogue to be sent out through an EDM campaign to one of partners Phoenix Health

Feature your online Business

Why partner with us?:

How it works

What is 'We Make A Difference'?

Feature your online Business
Why partner with us?:
How it works
What is 'We Make A Difference'?

What is ‘We Make
a Difference’?

We operate a unique and innovative customer retention and members benefits program that has been adopted by businesses, not-for-profit’s, sporting clubs, schools and local communities all across the country.


Organisations currently involved


Members in our current combined database

How we
support online shops


We provide small to medium sized businesses exposure to a huge network of potential new customers.


We provide targeted opportunities to our partners to reach a wider audience, interested in particular products and services.

Highly targeted sales

We know the interests and shopping habits of our customers, allowing us to communicate special offers to them, based on their interests.

Features at
your fingertips

When you partner with We Make A Difference, you are given access to a huge range of included and optional features at your fingertips to add further value for your members.

Our easy to use system allows you to add products, sales and promotions all with just a few clicks. Our simple video tutorials can help you get started and your products up on the site in no time!

Members welcome pack

Promote special and unique offers to rewards program members when they sign up or renew their membership.

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Promo codes

Through our back office admin panel you can upload promotional offers that are displayed across all of our sites.

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Through our online shopping portal we can provide a direct product feed to directly promote your products to our members.

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Daily deals

Upload daily deals through our back office admin panel to be promoted across all of our websites.

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e-Gift cards

This is a closed loop portal and only available to paid members.

We promote discounted pre-purchased e-Gift cards to our members.

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Weekly sales

Through our back office admin panel you can upload daily or weekly specials, which will feature across all of our sites.

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Fortnightly sales video

The fortnightly video is sent out to customers and includes specials selected randomly from the best sales on site at the time.

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Targeted marketing

You will receive analytics of members’ shopping habits on the site, allowing you gain further insight into your customer base.

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Our partners
Websites your business will be promoted on


Yes, we offer a range of different opportunities. Where your company can promote special offers. We have a members welcome pack when new members join. A range of campaigns during the year including Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, AFL and NRL Grand Finals, Melbourne Cup and back to School campaigns.

We also provide our members with a special Birthday Gift. We can provide targeted marketing opportunities for you to promote a special offer to customers who are the correct gender, age and is also interested in your products.

Yes we can work with unique coupon codes that can’t be used or shared outside of our network.

No our sites are a closed loop and is not open to the general public. Our members need to enter a membership number when they register to verify they are part of our network.

Yes we have a complete page on the sites dedicated to e-cards. The discounted e-cards are the most popular products on our site.

Yes it is possible to promote and sell your products through our network of websites. This can be done through a product feed or an API.