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We Make A DifferenceSupporting Clubs and Communities

About We Make A Difference

We Make A Difference is an innovative fundraising platform for sporting clubs to raise funds 12 months a year at the same time as saving your members hundreds of dollars a year on their everyday living expenses.

The We Make A Difference platform also provides greater exposure, value and opportunities for sponsors to receive greater value for their sponsorship.

The platform enables your club to create a closer connection with the local community through our local area marketing platform.

How it benefits your club:

  • Members save money on their everyday living expenses
  • Shop online and generate 2% of every purchase back to the club
  • Support your sponsors and the local community

How it works

The We Make A Difference provides your members and supporters with access to over 80 discounted ecards providing savings at some of the largest retailers in Australia.

Your members have access to our discounted eCards saving them hundreds of dollars a year

Savings on Groceries, Petrol, Beer and Wine alone can save you more than the cost of your club membership.

On average families are saving over $2,000 a year on their everyday living expenses.

Your members pay $10 per month to gain access to the eCards with $2.00 per month paid back to the club. Spending $200 per month on groceries, petrol or beer and wine will save the member their $10 monthly subscription

Click here to enter your everyday living expenses to see how much you save

Below are some examples of the eCards and the discounts you have access to

Click here to view the full range of eCards

Online shopping

The We Make A Difference platform provides your members with access to hundreds of online shops through our shopping portal. Your members are re-directed to the store website where they pay the same price as displayed on the stores site.

The purchase is tracked back to your club through a tracking code in the URL which generates 2% commission back to your club on each purchase through the We Make A Difference sponsorship.

We have seen a phenomenal growth in online shopping with people spending more time at home than ever before, people pulled out phones and laptops to do their shopping.

In Australia, online shopping growth for the 12 months to 31 December topped 57% YOY. More Australians shopped online than ever before in 2020. Around four in five households – that’s almost nine million – purchased online at some point during the year.

Through the We Make A Difference platform and sponsorship your club will receive 2% of every purchase through our online shopping platform.


Click here to view the full list of online shops on average 2% of every purchase is paid to your club through the We Make A Difference sponsorship

Savings calculator – How much can your members save

Learn how much you can save a month or a year by using our savings calculator.

By doing your everyday shopping through the site you can easily save hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year.

Click here to view the full range of eCards

Your club can use the eCards to save money on groceries, petrol, beer and wine. Enter how much your club might spend on alcohol over the bar and calculate what a difference a 5% discount would make.

Fund-raising calculator from online shopping

In the fundraising calculator you can enter the amount you would anticipate your members would spend through the online shops.

Enter the amount for one person then you can multiply this by the number of members that would do this to calculate the potential revenue that will come back to the club.

Click here to view the full range of eCards


If the club purchases alcohol for the club through Dan Murphy’s or BWS then using a discounted ecard the club will save 5% on the eCard purchase and also generate approx. 2% by ordering through the online shopping portal.

A 5% discount on an annual turnover of $60,000 will save the club $3,000

The We Make A Difference App

Everything you do on a daily basis at your fingertips

Your discounted eCards are sent direct to your phone ready for you to scan and save.

Access your most recent eCards simply by swiping the screen.

Order your eCards from the app or better still save your card as a favourite for even quicker access.

Access your most recent eCards simply by swiping the screen.

All your eCards are stored in your e-wallet with an easy-to-use search engine.

You always have access to your cards and never lose a card.

Check your balance on your phone without leaving the app.

Marketing and Promotional Material

We provide your club with a complete turnkey fully automated marketing system to introduce your members and then to maintain engagement with your members

We provide branded email campaigns which include:

Emails and text messages to introduce the program

Automated emails to stay in touch over a 3-month period after they have registered on the site

Weekly or fortnight newsletters (your club can decide on the frequency)

Push notifications on special offers

Promote special occasion specials such as

  • Mother’s Day
  • Father’s Day
  • Christmas
  • Valentine’s day
  • Easter
  • Back to School and School Holidays

Once set up all the that is required from the club is to use the site, pin up the flyers and talk about on your Facebook page.

Welcome email

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Save on Groceries

Discounted eCards

Online Shops

Support your Charity

Great Sales

Customer Stories

More Ways to Save

Expand the reach of your fundraising

Traditional Fund-raising for clubs comes from

  • Raffles
  • Sausage sizzles
  • Quiz nights
  • Fetes
  • Auctions

All of these methods require a lot of work and are generally limited to members and families within your club.

It also limited to your season eg. there is very little fundraising activities in the off season.

The We Make A Difference platform provides a passive income from members doing their everyday shopping 12 months of the year.

  • It requires very little work to set it up.
  • Only basic IT skills are required to maintain it.
  • Generates funds 12 months a year
  • Generate funds from friends and family members who are not necessarily associated with your club.

Support your local community with our We Shop Local platform

Work with local businesses to promote special offers to your members

A business profile on our site includes:

Full control of the admin panel allowing the business to change their profile whenever they want

Full business profile including:

  • Uploading images at the top of the page
  • An about us
  • Three widgets describing the businesses products and services
  • Upload digital e-coupons
  • Upload videos
  • Upload photos
  • Upload customer stories and testimonials
  • Write and upload blog articles
  • Links to your social media sites

Click here to view the benefits for a local business

Summary of the Fund-raising

Fund-raising from the gold membership

The cost of the Gold membership is $10 per month

$2.00 per month is paid back to your club

Fund-raising from the online shopping

On average 2% of every purchase through the online shops raises funds for your club

Fund-raising from the We Shop Local Platform

If your club introduces a business to the platform your club will be paid a once of set up commission and an ongoing monthly commission.

Set up cost for a business fee $150.00

Your commission $120.00

Monthly fees $75.00

Your fund-raising commission 10% per month $7.50

Sign up 5 businesses and this is what you will receive

Set up cost $120 x 5 $600 annual

Monthly commission $7.50 x 5           $37.5 per month $450 annual

Total per year $1,050

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