EZ Finance Rewards

About us

The EZ Rewards platform is a fresh, "Hi-Tech" extension of the EZ Finance Group. We have created a convenient customer experience, like nothing you have seen before. On its own, the Rewards platform is unique and innovative; however, once it is used in conjunction with other parts of our business, the "WOW" factor becomes apparent.

As a reputable finance and advisory company, EZ Finance is on the fore-front of innovative ways in which to help our customers and the wider community to save money and reduce debt as quickly as possible.

As our business grows around Australia, we acknowledge that our staff and customers are of paramount importance to us and we had to come up with something different; something that no other finance company or bank has done –

  • Offer to our customers (and the wider community) an online platform with an ability to save money on every purchase
  • A percentage of the dollar amount of every purchase is passed onto selected charities.
  • We offer unique options for other businesses to become involved and grow with us
  • Show people how the Rewards platform can help to pay off debts faster
  • Assists EZ Finance to diversify from finance to go beyond expectations in helping people on many other levels.

EZ Rewards is a significant platform and investment by EZ Finance to show by example, exactly how an innovative finance company can benefit the lives of so many people around Australia by assisting them to save money while helping charity on the back of good finance advice.