We Make A Difference

We Make A Difference Local Area Marketing Platform

We Make A Difference is a unique and innovative way for:

  • Corporate organisations to retain customers, promote loyalty, attract new customers and provide staff incentives
  • Sporting clubs to provide members with savings on their everyday living expenses, promote local businesses and raise funds for the club
  • Schools to help staff and parents reduce the cost of their everyday living expenses, support local businesses and raise funds for the school
  • Charities to raise funds for the charity
  • Provide a marketing channel for local businesses to gain exposure the consumers in their local area and also reduce their costs of living, provide staff and clients with savings on their cost of living expenses

We Make A Difference has a large network of rewards and members benefits sites which is promoted to members across Australia each day, this provides a great opportunity for local business to be promoted to an audience within their local area.

We Make A Difference has developed a local shopping portal which provides businesses with the opportunity to promote special offers and services to the members of the We Make A Difference network

Register your business

Your profile on our site includes

Full control of the admin panel allowing to you to change your profile whenever they want

Full business profile including:

Uploading images at the top of the page

An about us

Three widgets describing the businesses products and services

Upload digital e-coupons

Upload videos

Upload photos

Upload customer stories and testimonials

Write and upload blog articles

Links to your social media sites

Digital Coupons

Create special deals and offers using your own customized digital e-coupon platform

Upload coupons to promote a daily deal

Upload coupons to promote a two for one offer

Upload coupons to promote either a fixed price discount or percentage off

Provide a discount off next purchase

Provide exclusive coupons for specific targeted organisations that are aligned with their business

The business has total control of the coupons

Nominate how many you want to sell e.g. If you only want to sell 20 then once the 20th coupon has been sold that offer will drop off the site

Schedule coupons to be listed on the site 30 to 60 days in advance

Coupons can be time specific e.g. can only be redeemed on a set date or a set time period

Coupons can also be issued in a welcome pack or as a birthday gift

You can change, adjust or remove your coupons whenever you like

The coupons are easily redeemed

Customers can press a redeem button on their phone and the coupon will automatically be redeemed in the local shop back office, or just scan the QR code to redeem

The coupons have a QR code which can easily be scanned in store on a mobile phone

The shop has a QR code on their app allowing for easy redemption

Coupons can be printed out and physically brought into the store

It is quick and easy, and you track the sale of each coupon

The coupons can be stored in the We Make A Difference eWallet for ease and convenience, it also means they will never lose their coupon.

Access our eCards and save hundreds of dollars a year

Included in your in your advertising is a gold membership to our eCards which provides you with savings at over a hundred of Australia’s major retailers.

Savings on Groceries, Petrol, Beer and Wine alone can save you more than the cost of your monthly advertising fees.

On average families are saving over $2,000 a year on their everyday living expenses.

Below are some examples of the eCards and the discounts and savings you have access to.

Woolworths Supermarket eCard

Woolworths Supermarket eCard
You Save 4%

Coles eCard

Coles eCard
You Save 5%

Amazon eCard

Amazon eCard
You Save 4%

Rebel eCard

Rebel eCard
You Save 5%

Harvey Norman eCard

Harvey Norman eCard
You Save 5%

IKEA eCard

IKEA eCard
You Save 5%

Click here to view the full range of eCards

Savings calculator

Learn how much you can save a month or a year by using our savings calculator.

By doing your everyday shopping through the site you can easily save more than your monthly costs to advertise on our site.

Click here to view the savings calculator



Find out how much you
can save


These savings are after tax savings and the money you have saved is paid into your pocket. Think about what you can do with extra money in your pocket can do

Finance a new car

Get away for a weekend

Staff benefits

Gold memberships (limited time only)

Receive 10 Gold memberships valued at $1,200 to gift to staff or clients

Your staff can save over $1,500 per year on their everyday living expenses

Click here to view the discounted eCards your staff will have access to

Click here to view the benefits to your staff by providing them with a gold membership

Use the Gold membership for your business to save on your business expenses at Woolworths, Coles, Dan Murphy’s, Woolworths Caltex, Ampol, Harvey Norman and many more.

There are many benefits of incentives in the workplace:

  • Increasing productivity.
  • Creating a culture of high performance.
  • Retaining top performers.
  • Motivating staff to exceed their goals.
  • Improving company morale.

Branded eVoucher

Reward your staff and customers with your own branded eVoucher.

The eVoucher can be provided to staff for reaching high levels of achievement, length of service congratulations on your promotion or Happy Christmas.

Provide incentives to customers for engaging with your business, eg: when they take out a home loan, buy a house, join your gym or subscribe to your services.

The eVouchers can be used to redeem any eCard on our rewards platform. This means the customer can choose a gift card that they want instead of receiving an eCard to store that is of no value to them.

A Real Estate agent can provide this when someone moves into a new house.

A mortgage broker can provide an eVoucher when a client has their home loan approved

A car dealer can provide an eVoucher upon a client purchasing a new car

A gym can use it if you join the gym this month

Just about any business can use the branded eVoucher to market their business

Below are some examples of some branded eCards

Cushion your cash flow

One of the big problems with small business is the peaks and troughs in cash flow.

We Make A Difference provides you with an option to cushion your cash flow

Ideal for:
Personal trainers
Massage therapist
Yoga teachers
Home maintenance – Gardner’s, lawn mowing rounds, house cleaners, window cleaners

Clients or customers can pre purchase your product or service at a discount through our eVoucher and QR code system.

You receive the money within 24 hours each time the eVoucher is used.

As example a customer could pre purchase 20 cups of coffee at a 10% discount as an advantage of paying in advance


Cost of a cup of coffee $4.00

Purchase 20 cups in advance and receive a 10% discount $3.60

20 cups of coffee $72.00

Save $8.00

The café’ receives $72.00 in advance

Not only does this help for a business cash flow it helps in the case of a COVID lockdown.

View our eBook to learn more

How it works

Your profile on our site includes

Digital coupons

Access our eCards

Savings calculator

Staff benefits

Branded eVoucher

Cushion your cash flow

Join our affiliate program

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