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We thought we’d share some stories from other members to help you realise how much more you may be able to save.
Emily - Northern NSW
I am a new Mum and find it really difficult to get to the shops - especially the groceries. I now find myself ordering our groceries at anytime during the night when I always seem to be awake.
They deliver them the next day to my door and even help me carry them inside. I used the Woolworths WISH eCards to save 5%. It is so easy and save so much stress.
Debbie - Adelaide
We have two teenage kids and they are always doing something sporting, it is either cricket, football, tennis, net ball or surfing. It just doesn’t stop!
The cost is hug,e but I would rather they were active then sitting in front of a computer screen.
I now purchase a Rebel e-card on a regular basis as my kids are very sporty. I save 5% on netball gear, footy boots, cricket bats etc. It really adds up.
The 5% discount is on top of any sale price and it is delivered straight to my phone through the app. It is so quick and easy.
Richard - Adelaide
I think the concept is fantastic. I use the site all the time - it is quick, easy and convenient. I buy all my drinks online through Dan Murphy’s and use their click and collect.
It is ready within 30 mins of ordering. I don’t have to wait in line - I go the front counter, show my driver’s licence, the staff member collects my order and I am on my way - normally before any of the other customers have progressed in the queue.
My husband and I work long hours and always provide the kids with a treat on Friday night where we would get take away and sit around the table and discuss what happened at school.
We would always get it delivered. Since registering on the site, we have started using Menulog.
It is really simple to use, provides a great choice and 2% of our order raises money for a charity
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