At We Make a Difference, we believe there is a responsibility to help others through your actions. That is why our business was started, and it is why we continue to drive donations through our platform to charities across Australia and overseas.

The fundraising component of the trip is a personal initiative from Rick Warren and We Make A Difference, and I will be joining a tour organised and arranged by AllTrails Bicycle Tours at Mt Waverley Victoria.

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My name is Rick Warren, Founder of We Make a Difference and I want to do more by completing a 24 day bike ride across the Nullarbor from Perth to Adelaide. The proceeds will be donated to four charities - perhaps inspiring others to take part in random acts of kindness.

Having experienced some dark times myself, I wanted to do something significant that might just have an impact on someone’s life. Having seen people suffer through personal hardship, financial ruin, and families torn apart by the effects of drugs or alcohol, I wanted to do something to make a difference. I thought this bike ride would be the perfect opportunity to show the community how they can make a difference through their actions.

The following charities will be supported by the proceeds of this ride.
Why we are supporting mental health services

Every three hours someone takes their own life in Australia. It is unnecessary, preventable and has a devastating effect on the people left behind. We recognise that people’s lives can change in an instant, the bush fires in Australia last year was an example of how quickly lives can change. Sometimes a simple phone call to a friend who is struggling can make all the difference and maybe even save a life.

I have been with people who are too scared, embarrassed and ashamed to even step outside the house. Physically sick from anxiety, they are too scared to go to bed because they can’t sleep, wondering how they can end it all. I am personally invested in the area of mental health and constantly strive to help people improve their wellbeing and see that there is hope, light and a future no matter how bad the situation may appear.

This battle does not have to be so silent and lonely. There are a variety of resources that are accessible to those experiencing anxiety and depression.

Why we are supporting improving opportunities for children (aged under 18)

More than 33 percent of children live below the poverty line. What’s more, children who live in poverty are less likely to participate in sport than those who live out of poverty according to most recent ABS statistics.

The lives of children can be dramatically changed through organised activity and sport.

Looking to decrease social isolation and the effects of poverty-stricken environments on children’s development, I want to provide funding to community teams, schools and individuals who need a little extra support.

I see the importance of not only physical activity, but in decreasing social isolation for youth who live in disadvantaged circumstances. This may mean offering the opportunity to take part in sport as well as organised activities such as chess, for those who are unable to take part in the physical sports.

Why we are supporting
disadvantaged youth
(aged 14 - 20)

Sometimes, being a teenager can be really tough. Drug and alcohol addiction, assault, feelings of anxiety and depression, not belonging and low self-esteem in addition to many other potential issues and experiences can affect the livelihoods of youth.

I know this affects mental health in addition their ability to function in society comfortably, and with confidence.

I know how hard some teenagers have it. Sometimes they may turn to drugs and alcohol, at other times they may push away their loved ones and not know how to deal with their emotions. Either way, I want to be able to offer my support where I can.

India is experiencing a major COVID-19 catastrophe.
  • Over 400,000 new cases a day
  • Total cases over 19.1 million, population of Australia 25 million
  • Over 3,000 deaths per day
  • Total death toll has reached more than 215,000 people

What is the We Make a Difference Nullarbor Ride?

The ride is a 24-day bike ride averaging 140km per day. Not only is the trip demanding but so are the months and months of training prior to the 24 day bike ride.

Dates: 14 May - 7 Jun 2021 (24 nights)
Distance: 2790 km   AverageDaily: 140 km
Bike Type: Road bike   Surface: Sealed roads
Donate via the individual fundraising pages to your charity of choice:

The We Make a Difference Nullarbor Charity Ride can donate to The Black Dog Institute, a program aimed at helping people recognise the signs of mental health disorders and committed to the ongoing research of mental health.

The We Make a Difference Nullarbor Charity Ride can donate to the Grow Fit Fund, a new not for profit that helps disadvantaged communities, schools and individuals play the games they want to, no matter the cost.

The We Make a Difference Nullarbor Charity Ride can donate to Youth Insearch, a charity that supports teens who are going through a tough time. Whether they require mental health support, drug and alcohol rehabilitation or even just someone to listen to them, this organisation is there to help.

The people in India are in desperate need of oxygen supply for the hospitals and other resources such as hospital beds. Frontline healthcare workers and infrastructure are overwhelmed by the huge number of COVID-19 cases. Donations to this charity will provide India with more oxygen supply and further the research of COVID-19.

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