Our Partners

We are working with many large and small companies around Australia to assist them with customer and member retention, attracting new customers and to promote social awareness and corporate responsibility.

Some of our current partners are


Teachers Health – a non for profit Health Fund

Teachers Health was established by the NSW Teachers Federation in 1954 to provide cost-effective private health care exclusively for members of the education industry and their families. Since 1954, the foundation membership of 2,600 people has grown to encompass more than 280,000 individuals in the Australian education community, creating the largest industry-based fund in Australia.

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Phoenix Health Fund – a non for profit Health Fund

Phoenix Health Fund is a Member Owned Health Fund, who for over 65 years has continued to offer its members with quality and affordable health insurance.

Our mission – We’re for Members, not for Profits. Providing Members access to a range of affordable, high quality health insurance cover.

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Peoplecare – a non for profit Health Fund

Peoplecare is a national, not-for-profit health insurer that exists to benefit its members. Growing for more than 66 years, Peoplecare now covers more than 70,000 people on more than 34,000 memberships. At Peoplecare, we genuinely love people. We do everything we can to make your health cover as simple as possible. One of our key service principles is making it easy because we know how confusing health insurance can be.

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EZ Finance – A national finance broking company

EZFinance are a National Company with Credit Advisors in many cities around Australia. We can help people with any type of finance, no matter where you live or what you do for a living, because our experience and platforms are quite extensive.

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The Motor Neurone Disease Association of South Australia

MND SA is a registered charitable not for profit organisation that provides and promotes the best possible support for people living with MND, their families and carers regardless of their age or postcode; advances research into MND; and raises community awareness about MND.

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We Together

In today's fast-moving world, we have technology that connects us more efficiently than ever before, yet we are failing more and more to communicate effectively. WeTogether is an initiative created by Alan Stevens, International Profiling and Communications Specialist to build strong communities. To provide rites of passage for boys into manhood, helping men to become better men, creating conversations with them and women worldwide to create greater understanding and to reduce conflict in the home, in communities and in the workplace.

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The Transformational Group

The Transformational Group is not your average consultant service. Our passion is working with organisations to bring health and intentionality. Our work includes larger corporate and government organizations. Because of our backgrounds and life experiences we love to work with not-for-profit organisations that are committed towards building community capacity and people’s lives for the better.

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Buz on Biz

We want to help you grow your business, on all levels and from one platform. Ramping up your connections / multi-boosting your personal and professional skills / and taking your business global. We have a suite of services for your potential new or existing business.

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ACA Health Benefits Fund

About Shop & Share Savings Program?

ACA Health have teamed up with We Make a Difference, to bring you the ACA Health Shop & Share Savings Program.

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Equi Energy Youth

EquiEnergy Youth have teamed up with We Make a Difference to deliver you a rewards program that saves you money while also donating to our charity at the same time.

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Business Advice Agency

The Business Advice Agency have teamed up with "We Make a Difference", to bring you the BAA Rewards platform to further Help small business owners Survive, Thrive & Prosper.

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Real Innovation Group

Real Innovation Group have teamed up with We Make a Difference, to bring you CONTRIBUTE.

Real Innovation Group is providing our members ways you can save money on your everyday shopping with access to over 70 discounted e-Cards, special offers and coupons at your favorite retailers. All this, plus when you shop online through CONTRIBUTE you will help raise much needed funds for our various charities as a percentage of your spend is, at no cost to you, allocated to Guide Dogs Australia.

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