for your school

Through our white labelled member loyalty and benefits program you will add value to your school through building stronger relationships with parents and faculty, and attract new members to your community.

What is 'We Make a Difference'?

Why partner with us?

Save your staff and parents money

Keep in touch with parents

Support your School

Fully automated

Promote your e-Gift Cards through our site

What is 'We Make a Difference'?
Why partner with us?
Save your staff and parents money
Keep in touch with parents
Support your School
Fully automated
Promote your e-Gift Cards through our site

What is ‘We Make
a Difference’?

We operate a unique and innovative customer retention and members benefits program that has been adopted by businesses, not-for-profit’s, sporting clubs, schools and local communities all across the country.


Organisations currently involved


Members in our current combined database

How we add
value to your school

Give back to parents & faculty members

Keep the whole school community feeling valued, and make your school more attractive with enticing benefits that promotes your school as innovative and creative.

Maintain relationships

Cultivate your relationships with your staff and parents, keeping communication open and providing them with savings that could in some cases be a significant contribution towards their school fees.


The rewards program allows staff and parents to provide a passive fundraising income, all by shopping at stores they would normally use. The website link can be shared with family and friends which creates an exponential growth and scale to your fundraising.

Features at
your fingertips

When you partner with We Make A Difference, you are given access to a huge range of included and optional features at your fingertips to add further value for your members.

Our easy to use system allows you to add products, sales and promotions all with just a few clicks. Our simple video tutorials can help you get started!

Added value for members

Offer members a range of rewards, including a welcome pack when they sign up. Provide them with access to a huge range of promo codes, e-Gift cards, daily deals, weekly sales and more!

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You will receive a desktop and mobile responsive, customised & branded members benefits home page for your rewards program, including a shared or dedicated server (depending on your plan), hosting, and daily site maintenance.

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Your organisation receives on average 2% of each transaction through the online stores, which can be used to support a nominated charity or to support local communities such as schools, sporting clubs or community groups.

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Targeted marketing

You will receive analytics of members’ shopping habits on the site, allowing you to gain further insight into your customer base. Our system will promote special offers to these members in categories that they are interested all branded to your organisation.

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Newsletter & email template

The admin back office of the platform includes a basic CRM, complete with a newsletter template builder and email marketing capabilities.

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Custom videos

Video scripts are also pre-set and ready for you to customise. Simply make your changes and click save! (Video scripts are only available with certain packages).

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Increase engagement with your members through regular competitions. 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes can be linked to specific targets or achievements.


Our rewards program can help provide benefits to your members for achieving goals or results. We can work with any existing 3rd party programs linking into existing apps and add value to their rewards.

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Each program is customised to suit your organisations needs. A cost can only be determined after consultation with us. If you would like to discuss the program and costing options please fill in an inquiry in the contact us page.

We have a very simple and easy to use implementation website, where you can upload your logo colour palette, change the wording for the e-mail templates and video scripts etc. It is very streamlined and can be set up with a minimal drain on resources.

You have access to a back office administration panel where you can remove shops that you don’t want to be featured on your site. It is a very simple process.

Yes you will receive a complete set of analytics and data from the members. This will include the number of site visits, time spent on the site, favourite shops, amount spent, amount saved by using the site and a lot more information which provides you with very effective marketing.