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Human Pattern Recognition


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I’m Alan Stevens, an Authority on Reading People. I'll teach you how to understand yourself & read other people so that you can create better and longer lasting relationships in all areas of your life. In business to increase sales, improve communications & negotiation skills. Helping parents & teachers to understand and guide children to their full potential & happier futures.  

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Business Essentials Fast Start

Get inside your client's head and truly create powerful communication in your business relationships? It's all about building instant rapport and trust. With this course you can increase Sales, improve Customer Relations and gain Staff Loyalty all in this one short course. CPD approved in Australia.

The Keys To Understanding Your Child

If your child is having problems at school, not communicating well, misbehaving or not getting off their video games, this could be a game changer for you and your family that you’ve been looking for. Help your child to a better and happier future

Profiling Basics for Workplace Skills

Congratulations, you’ve just finished 13 years of schooling, or you may have even finished college or university. Your marks will get you an interview, but they won't get you the job, nor keep you in it. What you learn in this course will. Everything depends on the relationships you create.



The Science & Art Of Reading People
The Benefits Of Facial Profiling
Communications is the Key to Personal and Professional Success
Building Instant Rapport

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