Sharing an eCard as a Gift instructions

You can share the eCard as a gift on special occasions such as Birthdays, Christmas, Fathers Day, Mothers Day and more.


Simply follow the steps below

Click on order now to purchase the eCard.

In your eWallet select the card you want to send as a gift then click on send gift

Click on the drop down arrow to select a template

Enter the name and email address of the family member, friend or colleague you would like to send it to.

Also enter the phone number to send a text message to let them know you have emailed them an ecard and to for them to check their inbox and junk mail.

You can change the contents highlighted below

You can add photo.

Click on add photo, then click on the two arrows to add an image.

Click on preview and send to preview the template then send.

You will also receive the a copy of the email for your records.