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eCards and Savings

We have 85+ discounted eCards (otherwise known as eGift Cards)! Buy them for yourself and save thousands of dollars a year. eCards are delivered instantly to your eWallet and are redeemable at the value just like cash, except you get a saving. We have discounted eCards for every purpose. Save money on every purchase you make, every day for everything. Save thousands per year.

Discounted eCards! Buy Save Redeem

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100+ eCards
Save 3% - 12%

Instant Delivery
Mobile & Web

Biometric fingerprint
and iris scan security

Shop at
100+ Retailers

Save thousands of
dollars a year

Mobile App Redemption

Scan Barcode
Enter PIN

Live Balance

Accessible 24 / 7
Never lose an eCard

Step by step instructions

1. Login and open “eCards”
2. Filter for eCard retailer by category or search by name or search alphabetically
3. Select specific eCard
Note: eCards come in either fixed denominations or variable value within specified range
4. Either enter eCard amount manually OR choose fixed value from drop down list
5. Enter quantity
6. Select “Add to Cart”
7. Select “View Cart” to change quantity or remove items from your cart
8. Select “Checkout” to complete transaction
9. At Checkout confirm your order details
10. Select Payment Method

  • Credit Card (flat 1.00% fee)
  • Debit Card (flat 0.50% fee)
  • PoliPay (1.25% fee up to $500 spend, then 0.25% on balance over $500)
  • PayID (0.50% fee up to $500 spend, then 0.25% on balance over $500)
  • Direct Deposit (0.50% fee up to $500 spend, then 0.25% on balance over $500)

NOTE: for more information on payment method processes, please go to Payment Methods Explained.
11. Perform reCAPTCHA security check
12. Select “Place order”
13. Once transaction processed you will return to the order confirmation page with links to

  • eWallet where all your eCards are securely stored
  • My Orders for complete history of all orders