We Make A Difference

We Make A Difference Staff Incentive Program

The We Make A Difference platform provide a unique and innovative staff incentive program which reduces the everyday living expenses for your staff.

There are many benefits of incentives in the workplace:


  • Increasing productivity.
  • Creating a culture of high performance.
  • Retaining top performers.
  • Motivating staff to exceed their goals.
  • Improving company morale.
Increase the disposable income of your staff

With limited wage growth and reduced budgets, we know businesses are facing challenges to attract and retain great people.

Our unique and innovative rewards program helps organisations deliver a vast range of benefits and savings to staff.

Better still, these savings are combined with a unique way for staff to donate to the company's chosen charity or other fundraising activities, like a staff Christmas fund.

We provide you with your own branded rewards platform, giving your staff access to hundreds of online stores from some of Australia’s biggest brands.

Your staff receive up to 12% on pre-purchased eCards at a range of stores, saving families approximately $80 per month on petrol, groceries, beer and wine. This is an extra $20 a week in their pockets

When it comes to hiring, prospective employees they don’t just look at the remuneration levels, but at other benefits like flexible work hours, maternity and paternal leave and extra incentives.

Our platform can provide your staff with savings around $2,000 a year and deliver a real incentive to join and stay at your organisation.


Your staff save at hundreds of major retailers


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Our Members Save on average $850 a Single, $1,500 Per Couple and over $2,500 Per Family.

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