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Select one of our customisable Gifting templates to send a Gift card to family, friends, staff or colleagues.

Gifts are sent via email, with an accompanying SMS message to alert the recipient you’ve sent them a gift.

Stuck for choice? Which Gift card do I gift? Select the SWAP Gift card and the recipient can choose any of the 100+ of Gift cards on offer, they can even redeem for multiple Gift cards. To redeem the recipient joins the platform as a standard member, there is no cost to them.

Send a Gift card - Buy Save Send

Buy gift card

Over 100
Gift cards

Access the gift card
in your Wallet.

View details &
select gift card

Select gifting template.

Select from dozens
of eGift templates

Personalise the

Customise message
and insert image

Send Gift card

Send now or
schedule date

Gifting a Gift card

1. Login and open Gifting
2. Enter the recipient details

  • First Name
  • Surname
  • Business Name (if applicable)
  • Mobile phone number (we send an SMS message to alert the recipient you’ve sent them a gift)
  • Email
  • Enter a personal message

3. (Optional) Upload a photo, to be inserted into the gifting template.
4. Select occasion from the first drop-down list (for example Birthday)
5. Select category from the second drop-down list
6. Select theme to customise the graphics and layout
7. Preview the email template.
8. There are options here to save and finish later and save this eGift as a template
9. Select Gift card you wish to gift by either:

  • Selecting a Gift card from your Wallet, or
  • Or buy a new Gift card.

10. Buying a new Gift card will open the Gift cards window and complete the transaction as normal, however the Gift card will be added to the Gifting page to complete the payment.
11. Once the Gift card is paid for you can set the Gift card for delivery.
12. Send the Gift card now or schedule to send on a specific date.

  • Schedule now
  • Schedule specific date
  • Time Zone
  • Date
  • Time eGift set (email and SMS)

13. Preview the email template and then send