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Shop online at any of our online shops and receive cashback.

On average 2% of the cashback will go to your chosen cause, the balance can be used back on the site

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Online shops

Over 500 shops


Search by
shop or category

Redirect to
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Purchase on the
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Cashback will display
in your dashboard


Use the cashback
on the site

Step by step instructions

1. Login and open the online shops.
2. Filter online shops by category or search by name
3. Some shops have discounted Gift cards, if available the Gift card will be displayed alongside the retailer logo, and there will be a Gift card button next to the shop link.
Please Note: some retailers do not pay cashback when products are purchased using discounted Gift cards

Shop displayed
with a discounted Gift card

Up to 7% Cashback

Shop displayed
without a discounted Gift card

Up to 5.5% Cashback

4. Click on the shop name and you will be redirected to their website where you transact directly with the retailer.
5. If we have a discounted Gift card return to the Gift card page and purchase your Gift card and at thecheckout under Gift Cards enter the number and, if required, PIN to complete your purchase.
6. Otherwise simply complete the transaction as normal with the retailer.
7. The cashback is paid by the retailer on the expiry of the returns policy for each individual item, and as such can take 90 days to appear in your dashboard. Any returned of cancelled transactions will not generate any cashback.
8. The cashback percentage can change on different products at the same shop