Raising Funds

Are you finding

  • it increasingly difficult to raise funds for your organisation?
  • that the same people do all the work year after year?

In this rapidly changing world in which we live in the fundraising methods that we have used in the past are no longer as effective. Your clients or members doing their daily shopping will provide you with a residual income without having to put a hand in their pocket.

The ‘rewards program’ raises funds for you 24/7 with little work required – it is an online shopping option that returns a percentage of the transactions to your organization. Your customers, members, supporters, sponsors and families have access to over 1,000 online shops – for their everyday shopping for groceries etc.

Our suppliers include Woolworths, Dan Murphy’s, Chemist Warehouse, The Good Guys, Sportscraft, Katies, Bonds, Hotels.com, Ray’s Outdoors as well as e-Card purchases at 5% discount - saving $’s at each shop.

We Make A Difference provides your organisation with your own fully branded rewards program website and app.

Once set up we provide all the marketing structures and systems so that it requires a minimal amount of your time to operate the program.

The program

  • Attracts new customers, members and sponsors to your organisation
  • Keep members renewing their membership and supporting your organisation
  • Provides your organisation with an ongoing residual income from members daily shopping

If you would like to learn more on how the rewards program can benefit your organisation and raise funds please send an email using the ‘contact us’ and one of our team will call to discuss how the program can be customised to suit your business.